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Nice team Portrati

April 2022 Svalbard Trip

Following the postponement of the 2022 North Pole season, the team was still keen to gather vital sea ice samples and engage in other scientific data collection so instead spent 10 days camping and skiing in Svalbard, collecting samples from some of the remote fjords and valleys of Spitsbergen.  Starting in Barentsburg. 

They collected samples for black carbon and microplastics, data on snow and ice conditions, cloud formation and took part in phycology testing collecting data on operating whilst under duress in harsh environments.  The enormity and importance of the work ensured extreme care was taken to follow exacting protocol; the integrity of the samples heading off to NASA and various universities was not lost on the team.

Having turned this expedition around in 5 weeks, the team wishes to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in making it happen. The unsung heroes and all sponsors alike, their support has made this possible.